a positive change in the world

TWB Ventures makes purpose-driven investments that promote a positive change in the world.

Purpose-driven investments that promote a positive change in the world



Our investment strategy

The White Box Ventures is dedicated to supporting purpose-driven investments that create a positive impact in the world. Our focus is on consumer and design brands, where we provide early stage and growth capital to ambitious entrepreneurs and companies. We believe that by combining capital with a strong business platform and ecosystem, we can provide the support needed for successful investments.

To achieve this, we offer a comprehensive solution for entrepreneurs and companies combining capital with industry competencies. This approach ensures value creation and sets the foundation for long-term success, aligning with our mission to make a positive impact in the world through purpose-driven investments.

Investment stage: Seed

Investment amount per case: DKK 0.5-1.5 mill.

Accelerator programme: Yes

Markets: Denmark

Sector: Consumer and design brands

Company types: ApS, A/S

Investment type: New subscription, against ownership


The White Box Brand Investment I
Investments stage: Seed


Brand Sector Investment date
Recollector Interior
October 2021
Plauborg Furniture Marts 2022
Danavet Pet care July 2022
Au Lama / Mesmoo Clothing/jewellery July 2022
Vove Home care August  2022
Crateit Toys September  2022
Sweetkynd Candy October  2022
Lykkeland Atélier Clothing November  2022
Nuad Interior December  2022



Sector: Interior
Investment date: October 2021


Sector: Furniture
Investment date: Marts 2022


Sector: Pet care
Investment date: July 2022

Au Lama/Mesmoo
Sector: Clothing/jewellery
Investment date: July 2022

Sector: Home care
Investment date: Aug/2022

Sector: Toys
Investment date: Sep/2022

Sector: Candy
Investment date: October 2022

Lykkeland Atelier
Sector: Clothing
Investment date: November 2022

Sector: Interior
Investment date: December 2022


The White Box Brand Investment II
Investments stage: Seed


Brand Sector Investment date
Wabi Sabi Interior April 2023
Wehlers Furniture June 2023
Dots.Recycling Sport/interior June 2023
Kodanska Interior August 2023



Wabi Sabi 
Sector: Interior
Investment date: April 2023

Sector: Furniture
Investment date: June 2023

Sector: Sport/interior
Investment date: June 2023

Sector: Interior
Investment date: August 2023


Physical consumer and design product 

Introduces novel concepts and business models

Integrates ESG and purpose into the strategy

Committed to creating a positive impact in the world

Our investment stages
TWB Ventures provide financial support to companies throughout their journey, from the startup phase to growth. While we are capable of being the sole investor, we are also open to investing alongside other investors to maximize impact.

We spot

Identifying new and distinctive brands with a purpose-driven business concept and growth potential, and a clear drive for growth and commitment to making a positive impact in the world.

We impact

Developing your brand by seamlessly integrating all aspects of your business, from investment and strategic direction to structure, systems, and processes.

We grow

Unlocking and realizing your brand’s full potential through targeted sales, marketing, and service efforts, and developing a customized plan to differentiate your brand and stand out in the market.


Poul Erik Jacobsen

Stifter af pej gruppen – Scandinavian trend institute i 1975. Poul Erik har 25 års bestyrelseserfaring – heraf 20 år som bestyrelsesformand.

Kasper Witt

Business development & investment director i Witt A/S. Kaspers erfaring rummer desuden en karriere som serie-iværksætter og investor.

Claus Hyldgaard
Founding partner

[email protected]
Mobil (+45) 31 13 78 95

Christian Christensen
Founding partner

[email protected]
Mobil (+45) 24 41 93 31

Christoffer Bettencourt
General Manager & partner

[email protected]
Mobil (+45) 20 74 38 77

Rasmus Lykkegaard
Investment associate & partner

[email protected]
Mobil (+45) 22 51 55 85