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Welcome to the world of seamless business integration between retailers and design and consumer brands.

Connecting brands and retailers through seamless business integrations

GSD services

Our company is dedicated to providing the leading global sales platform designed to fuel business success through data-driven sales, financial leverage, and human interactions.

Built by industry experts, our platform has been designed with industry professionals in mind. With a focus on simplicity and efficiency, our sales operation platform makes it effortless to grow business between retailers and brands.

→  Integrating your business to relevant sales channels 

→  B2B shop connecting global retailers

→  Factoring service

→  Data management and analysis

Sales channels


Our approach

Build new revenue streams from new potential markets

Expand your revenue streams by tapping into new markets and sales channels. Our platform enables you to generate income from untapped markets and customers. With our service, you can increase your revenue through partnerships with distributors, agents, marketplaces and primary wholesalers.
Why work with us

→  increase market penetration

→  expand to new markets and channels

→  increase performance

→  limit fixed cost running sales development

About GSD

Founded by industry professionals


Our mission is to create a world where retailers and brands can easily and effectively grow their business through data-driven sales, financial leverage and human interaction.

Our purpose is to empower retailers and brands to achieve business success through seamless integration. We do this by providing a leading global sales platform that leverages the latest technology to provide data-driven insights and financial leverage, while also fostering human interactions. Our platform, built by industry experts, is designed with simplicity and efficiency in mind, making it easy for businesses to grow and thrive.


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Claus Hvid Bjerre
Sales Director & partner

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Mobil (+45) 50 60 91 02

Christoffer Bettencourt
General Manager & partner

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Mobil (+45) 20 74 38 77